Bumper Sticker Advice

The world is a small place, life is short,
live in the moment, be a sport…
The only thing that grates more than a pithy homily
Is all-purpose, bumper sticker, catch-phrase advice.
Why are there no lines.
No jngles,
No rhymes
for telling

You can see in my eyes, that I’m lying
And yet, you play the game
“Yeah, I like you a lot, ” I say, trying
To play cool, so you can’t see my shame
I’m falling, rapidly, badly…
And damn it, I can’t do a thing
To keep my heart from singing
And singing and singing and singing.

Ok look here, this is silly, I tell myself
You don’t wanna get hurt again, do you?
And yet when we make our connection
All I want is to get through to you
Share thoughts, hopes, fears and secrets
That I swore I’d reveal to nobody
And when I least expect to be dreaming
All I see is your beautiful body

Blow hot, blow cold, god damn woman
What’s up with all this silly stuff?
You do know this could all be over soon
If he simply decides to push off…
Don’t bet all your chips on this horse, girl
All your eggs in one basket? You’re nuts
Don’t hand him the keys to your whole world
Be strong now, no ifs and no buts.

So I tighten my heart strings and clam up
Play tough, I can roll with the punches
I’m a big girl, so I’ll be alright then
Even if the let-down comes in bunches
But in secret, I dream of us baby
And imagine us happy together
I just wanna live in this moment
Even if this moment ain’t forever.

So maybe you know but don’t show it
And maybe you’re hoping it too
That this is ‘it’ for the both of us
That we’ve finally gotten our due
That the waiting has all been worthwhile
And the voice in our heads was so right
And maybe it won’t be just a dumb line
When you ask me, “Where you been all my life? ”

But till the time that I know for certain
If you’ve made up your mind about me
And take a leap of faith or call it curtains
I dare not, will not speak freely
For my heart is already at stake here
And I’m so hoping that it won’t be hurt
So I’ll play cool and keep it together
And stick with “Yeah, I like you a lot”