Coffee and cat

Warm and furry,
soft and sharp,
innocent angel,
thief and perp
of crimes I punish
with soft kisses.
How you purr
yet struggle in alarm
as I hold you aloft
in my tense arms
dotted with shed fur
and I succumb to charms
you’ve been honing
for centuries.
kitten? you are not,
more like the moon,
an enchanting riddle
I’ve sought to decipher.
You deign to be mine
but I hesitate to say
I own you rather I gladly play
the loyal fool and be led
into the web you spool
around my ankles
Once sated, gorged with food
you cease to see me until
the wish to brood in my lap
overcomes all pride and all
my wishes, denied when you
chose to cavort, are granted
in exchange for a nap.