my brain, my life, my mood, the rain
falling softly unlike my pain
that’s hammering it’s way
through tired veins
yellows, reds all fade away
to make way for dull grey

dusty dusk cloaks the sun
commuters begin their daily run
lemming-like they hurtle
off cliffs toward oblivion
tv dinners and beer fill
the void and then a sleeping pill

a home, a PC, a car, the mall
on weekends, a bed to crawl
into at night and a desk
to go to in the day are all
that now matter, no risk
taken to hasten a life already too brisk

as each book’s end draws near
there lingers the smell of fear
authors dawdle over each page
revision denied, they peer
shortsightedly at empty lives and rage
impotently, rattling death’s grey cage