Meeting Games

Eyeing the quarry over Martini glass rims at a bar
Backing up on one another on a crowded dance floor
Courtesy in a supermarket checkout line
Gallantry with a late night cab on a lonely street
No, these are none of the places we did meet

No common friends or enemies
Not a thread connecting our worlds
Brought in sync by neither common disaster nor joy
No thanks to chat site or blind date
Should we blame it all on that perfect excuse, fate?

We were doing just fine, settled in our ways
Having drawn a line, distinguishing
The difference between being alone and being lonely
We both told ourselves these were happy days
Better than to be miserable languishing
For the safety of feeling homely

But destiny had a strange plan in the offing
Laughing softly, almost choking, even coughing
With glee, it merrily drew a line that joined us
Playing connect the dots, causing all this fuss
Challenging both our preconceived notions
And unearthing long-buried unused emotions
Carrying us high, dipping us low again
Renewing the possibility of ecstasy and pain

Enough already – give me more – I can’t decide
Shit, I’m back on this roller coaster ride…
I don’t know where this will go, if and how it will end
All I know is, at least I found a friend
A twin soul, a reflection of my self, a mirror image
Will I lose myself or gain more substance in this scrimmage?
I have to wait, be patient, I cannot jump this gun
And why would I want to? The fun has just begun.