Moonlit Lies

A sliver of pain hanging in the midnight ink
Don’t be silly, that’s the moon he says
As his lips nuzzle my ear
Sending zillions of pleasure pulses racing to my synapses
But there’s a sinking in the well of my belly
A nervous ripple mars the reflection among the lotus blooms
The sliver now trembles, anticipating a slow death
Tomorrow it will be gone, invisible
Why do they call it a new moon when it don’t light up the night?
Why do you have to leave – my arms, my world, my sight?

I’ll call you he promises
And the tug on my heart gets harder
Moonbeams light up our path
But the future seems dark, unfathomable
How sure can we be about tomorrow?
When our mere mortal today is built
On quick sands of maybes and perhaps
Mired with the stinking peat of yesterdays

So we walk, hand in hand
I clutch on to promises, gossamer thin in the wind
Beautiful in their fragility
And hope they are spider web strong
In their ability to bind us beyond now
Savouring the moment, cementing memories
That may prove to be a thorn in my side
For sleepless nights and lonely days ahead

Soon, the sun will come up
This fog will clear in the crisp daylight of reason
Reality will smack its lips and sink its maw
Deep into my marrow, ignoring my tears
Salt keeps away worms, but not these ones
Gnawing at my trance-like conviction
That the universe finally conspired
To grant me my simple wish of happiness
Until all that is left is a sliver of pain
Hanging in the midnight ink of my desolation