Frangipani by moonlight

March 12, 2017

I wandered lonely under the cloud
Of my shattered soul, my ego cowed
Under the weight of unbearable being
The lightness decimated, joy destroyed.

A rattling of my cellar door
Reminds me that I’m rather poor
In faith and hope, neither peace nor trust
Nor in self-confidence may I set much store.

The questions I thought I’d overcome
Are looming large, their total sum
Threatening to tip over my tiny boat
Maroon me without even a hint of rum.

My old demons return to gleefully torment
An equilibrium that seemed heaven-sent
Reduce it to fractured smithereens
Leaving me with my consciousness rent.

But your silence is strong, an iron pillar
Supporting my beams, holding me taller
In the stinking bog that I’m sinking into
While at the moon I impotently holler.

And that’s when I know, dawn is in sight
I’ll make it past this wretched, dark night
And lest I forget, even contemplate surrender,
I need only hold on tight to this frangipani flower by moonlight.