Fresh from a successful branding workshop

A journalist & writer for two decades, I’ve covered beats as diverse as crime & entertainment, sometimes even together. My heart beats faster for social causes, and anything to do with wellness, community & animal welfare. I co-founded a community-driven initiative called The Bicycle Project in November 2008.

An unabashed gastronomy geek and worshipper of everything to do with good taste, like design & the arts, I’m currently celebrating my freedom from desk slavery as an independent media professional. And am overwhelmed with gratitude for the constant evolution of my branding & PR consulting firm, The Idea Spider.

I am part of an entity called edibilicia, which is an anonymous, underground, all-women group of international members who stand for issues related to Food: political, geographical, gender, sexual, creative, commercial, health, nutrition, healing, artistic, economic, social and psychological, to name a few.